KUULAA Power bank 10000mah portable charger for xiaomi redmi note 10 powerbank for poco x3 pro iPhone 13 12 11 pro max poverbank

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$38.99$48.99 (-21%)

Please NOTE :

The power bank has two regular standards of capacity, one is the battery capacity, and one is the rated capacity. The 10000mah power bank, being labeled 10000mah/3.7v core capacity be converted to a rated capacity of 6500mah/5v.

Why exist this difference?

The most important reason is the conversion rate. Because most of the power bank's battery voltage is 3.7V, and the power bank needs to increase the voltage to 5V when charging the mobile phone, which makes the power bank's conversion efficiency only 3.75/5=74%, Also includes generated heat when battery voltage boosting, and various of wire consumption, Electricity, and self-consumption. these points add up to account for 30%-40% of the power of the mobile power source. So the 10,000mAh power bank can really be used by us only about 6500mAh.

Also, The conversion rate of the entire mobile power industry is basically in the range of 60%-70%. Please kindly note.

Please search on Google if you want to know the details

Please pay attention!!!

There are two versions of this power bank, the Fast charging version, and the Regular version. Please confirm your options when placing an order. If you are not sure, please consult our customer service at any time.

Fast charging version:

1、Output power up to 18W. Support PD3.0 fast charging.
2、Type-c port support 18W fast input.
3、The color of the USB port is orange.

Regular version:

1、Do not support PD charging.
2、Type-c port only support 10W input.
3、The color of the USB-A port is Black.

10000mAh LED Digital Display Power Bank

PD18W Fast Charge

PD18W Output/Input

10000mAh Large-capacity

2USB&Type-C Output

Type-C&Micro Input

3A Fast Charge

LED Digital Display

3A Bidirectional PD 18W Fast charging

Charging and discharging power can be as high as 18W, 3A charging and discharging, saving time.

QC 3.0 Fast Charge Save charging time

USB-A charging supports QC 3.0 fast charging, output charging power up 18W high-power.

About 3.5 hours Full power bank

Support Type-C bidirectional fast charging, use Type-C interface with high power plug, 10000mAh need 3.5 hours to full.
About 3.5 Hours with 18W High-speed Plug
About 5.8 Hours with 5V/2.4A Plug

10000mAh large capacity

Full 10000mAh and high conversion lithium polymer battery power bank.

For iPhone 12 about 2. 2 times
For Huawei P40 about 1.8 times
For MI 10 Pro about 1.5 times

3 port output 3 devices charging

Type-C + USB -A1+USB-A2,3 ports output can charge three devices at the same time, one time to meet a variety of charging needs.

2 input/3 output Charing /Discharging with one cable

Micro/Type-C interfaces, charging and storing power with only one charging cable

  1. USB-A1 Output 5V/2.4A , 9V/2A,12V/1.5A
  2. USB-A2 Output 5V/2.4A , 9V/2A,12V/1.5A
  3. Micro input 5V/2A,9V/2A
  4. Type-C Output/Input


LED digital display screen Accurate power display

LED display, real-time control of current capacity, active allocation management of charging time.

Equal capacity / Small and light

Same capacity, smaller, 10000mAh capacity, smaller than a phone.

9 protections Fast charging safety

Multiple intelligent protection, better protection, fast charging safety.

Product parameters

Model: KL-YD01Q
Named:10000mAh Fast Charging Power Bank
Product Weight:235g
Colour: Black/White



Product Accessories

  • Type-C Charging Cable*1


Additional information


QC PD White, QC PD Black, 2.1A White, 2.1A Black

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China, Russian Federation


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